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Get that old feeling of a new machine again - with Cutting Systems, Inc.


We are one of the leading companies in the United States that provides fully Remanufactured Cutting Machines for the steel industry. In our Remanufacturing process we utilize all new components, such as torch holders, motor/gearboxes, operator control consoles, bearings and certainly all new hoses and cables. This Remanufactured Machine will also have a new machine warranty.

Hoses and cables age and crack, regulators get sticky and leak, torch holders wear out or fail, tracers get tired and circuits suffer as electronic parts age and change value. Bearings run dry as time takes its toll. It usually takes years for your machine to age, but when it does, the machine functions at such a substandard level that it is no longer an asset, but a liability.

We'll remanufacture it - strip it down to the bare frame, replace all the bearings, remachine the rollers, reassemble the carriage and align it. Then we'll install a new up to date gas control system, a modern drive system, a control panel and even a CNC Control. Then we will overhaul all your torch holders, replacing motors and cables, limit switches and bearings. Continuing, we then replace the torch station, providing new check valves, hoses and torches. We will also paint the machine and add all the other little things you need to make your old machine a brand new machine. All for much less than a brand new machine.

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