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Key benefits to cutting with software include:

  • Increase consumable life and profitability
  • Increase material utilization (less scrap)
  • Chain, bridge, and common-line cutting to improve production speed
  • Lower operator intervention and increase productivity
  • Dramatic hole quality improvement


Representing these Software Providers for Nesting Software and HVAC Layout Software...


Hypertherm CAD/CAM Software...

Hypertherm CAD/CAM Solutions Software is an industry-leading brand of CAM nesting software and HVAC layout software for CNC sheet and plate cutting applications, including plasma and oxyfuel. ProNest® Nesting Software, TurboNest® Nesting Software and NestMaster™ Nesting Software provide solutions to all of your profile cutting needs. Hypertherm CAD/CAM Solutions Software is also the home of Design2Fab® HVAC Layout Software, the HVAC industry-leading solution for creating custom duct sheet metal fitting layouts.


Sigma TEK...


Sigma TEK's SigmaNEST™ software brings manufacturing efficiency and profitability to a high level through materials optimization, process efficiency and consumable savings.



Hypertherm CAD/CAM Software

From Hypertherm...

Pro Nest 2012



Design 2 Fab



From Sigma TEK...

Sigmanest AutoNEST

Sigmanest Maximizer 2011

Sigmanest True Shape Nesting

Sigmanest Techno

Sigmanest PowerPack

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