Kodiak Plasma Cutting Machine


  • Sizes available up to 24' wide and 250 ' long to serve your specific operation
  • Speeds up to 1200 inches per minute with powerful 10,800 watt drives
  • Positioning accuracy .003 and Repeatability .002
  • Low Maintenance engineering design with "Automatic Programmable Lubrication" & "Rail Scrubbers"
  • Full width Heat Shields for maximum protection during Heavy Plate Cutting
  • Superior High Volume Gas Control System for best results in Oxy/Fuel cutting
  • Standard Automatic Multi-Torch Spacing for reduced set up time
  • Multiple redundant operator safety protection features including built-in collision avoidance
  • Adaptable to fit directly over the top of your existing Water or Down Draft Tables
  • Each Kodiak is fully "Networked" with free "Remote Diagnostics" for the life of the machine
  • Expert Installation & Training on every job by Cutting Systems professional technicians

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The robust KODIAK Heavy-Duty Multi-Process Cutting System is designed specifically for the most demanding steel processing jobs.

This multi-purpose system is manufactured to your specifications. All designs feature an operational capacity up to 3 shifts a day 7 days a week.

Cut from gauge thru 6.25 inches with Plasma or up to 30 inches with Oxy/Fuel. Drilling station is available.

Designed for your Operator's "Ease Of Use" with swivel mounted CNC left or right of the machine


  • Full Contour Bevel Station
  • Straight Bevel Station up to 45 degrees in the "X" Axis
  • Drilling Stations
  • Plasma and Pneumatic Marking
  • Water or Down Draft Tables
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Automatic Oxy/Fuel Torch Ignition
  • Dozens of software options to suit your operation

Kodiak References

"Our Kodiak is one fine machine".

Mr. Jimmy Townsend of Besco Steel Supply, Birmingham, Alabama

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