Hypertherm CAM Solutions Software:

ProNest® 2017

Nesting software for advanced mechanized cutting in enterprise and production environments.

ProNest® 2017 LT

Nesting software for light industrial mechanized cutting in production environments.

ProNest® 2017 LTS

Nesting software for light industrial mechanized cutting in job shop environments.


Sheet metal layout software for HVAC, duct work, mechanical, kitchen, industrial, roofing, and more.

SigmaNEST nesting software. 

The proprietary nesting engines, developed and maintained by an expert team of mathematicians and engineers, offer unparalleled material utilization and nesting efficiency.

SigmaNEST runs on every type of machine, delivering maximum versatility and scalability to meet your requirements for today and beyond.

  • Easy to use interface
  • One nesting software for every machine
  • Fast part nesting speeds
  • Improve material yield and reduce scrap

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