We understand the wear a machine can take

Hoses and cables age and crack, regulators get sticky and leak, torch holders wear out or fail, tracers get tired and circuits suffer as electronic parts age and change value. Bearings run dry as time takes its toll. It usually takes years for your machine to age, but when it does, the machine functions at such a substandard level that it is no longer an asset, but a liability.

Remanufacture your laser or plasma cutting machine

We Know What it Takes to Remanufacture Your Cutting Machine

Cutting Systems is one of the leading companies in the United States that provides fully remanufactured cutting machines for the steel industry. In our remanufacturing process we utilize all new components, such as torch holders, motor/gearboxes, operator control consoles, bearings and all new hoses and cables. Your remanufactured machine also comes with a new machine warranty.

When the Cutting Systems production specialists receive your machine they will clean and remove all components from it.

CSI will provide an application of an industrial paint finish for the machine. Then we will replace any suspect bearings as required.

We then furnish the full suite of components that is right for your unique cutting needs.

Once finished, a certified CSI senior technician will put the machine through compliance testing for quality assurance.

We then prepare the entire machine for shipment back to your facilities.

Finally, our service director will schedule our trained technicians to arrive at your facility on a Monday to recommission the machine and provide operator training.

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