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What Industries Need Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Cutting Solutions

Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines are used for a wide variety of heavy industrial purposes. In particular, plasma cutters are great for many applications involving aluminum, stainless steel and mild carbon steel. The following are just a few of the industries Cutting Systems has served:

  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Steel Processing
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation

Why do we call ourselves the "experts" in plasma cutting? Because we've been involved in every aspect of the field since 1970. Along the way, we've forged lifelong relationships with many valued partners — our customers. Across a wide range of industries, and companies both big and small, we've created professional bonds that people can count on. Whether they need an oxy-fuel or CNC plasma cutter or a unitized plasma cutting table, every customer we serve can trust our quality and service. Additionally, we offer custom plasma cutting machines designed to your exact specifications. Cutting Systems wants to find the best solution to your unique problem, and we know how to get it done.

No matter what the field, if there is a plasma cutting solution, we can provide it. Cutting Systems has the experience and know-how to find what will work for you.

Why Cutting Systems?

In this video, the President of Cutting Systems explains why choosing the right plasma cutting machine is about much more than just selecting the right product for the application. It's about choosing a long-term partner that can custom build your CNC plasma cutter, oxy-fuel cutting machine, CNC plasma table or any other solution to your unique specifications — while providing comprehensive ongoing support for the entire life cycle of your machine.

At Cutting Systems, you become part of the "CSI Family." That's why repeat customers who purchase multiple plasma cutting machines are the norm, not the exception. If you're interested in becoming part of the family, contact us today.

  • Raptor Plasma Cutting Machine

    Raptor CNC

    The Raptor machine is a precision plasma cutting machine that supports up to 2 plasma torches for applications involving a wide-variety of tough steel cuts, from 3.2" thick mild steel and up to 6.25" stainless steel or aluminum. This plasma cutter for CNC serves the following industries: steel service centers, steel fabrication, automotive, construction, mining, heavy equipment manufacturing and more.


    Standard Features Include:

    • Hypertherm torch height control
    • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC
    • Automatic rail cleaners
    • Bosch-Rexroth drive System
    • Automatic lubrication system

    Available Options Include:

    • Automatic full contour plasma beveling
    • Manual Torch Spacing
    • Manual Oxy-Fuel Beveling
    • Automatic torch spacing


    • Select from over 30 different plasma systems to fit YOUR cutting needs.
    • Multiple plasma stations are available to increase output and productivity.
    • Full contour bevel cutting is available on the Raptor CNC.
    • Water tables, downdraft tables, and dust collectors sized to your operation.
    • Numerous software solutions for HVAC, estimating, reporting and nesting applications.
    • Configurations to serve the largest global industrial operations, family run operations and every other job in between.


    The Raptor comes in effective cutting widths of 6', 8', 10', and 12' and lengths up to 250'. Note: Custom widths available up to 30' effective cutting.

  • Sabercut  Oxy/Fuel Cutting Machine


    The SABERCUT is an oxy-fuel cutting machine that features up to 12 Oxy-Fuel cutting stations with the ability to cut up to 30" thick steel. Industries Served Include: Steel Service Centers, Steel Fabrication, Shipping, Construction, Mining, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, and more.

    Standard effective cutting widths: 6', 8', 10', 12' (Custom widths up to 30' effective cutting)

    Effective cutting lengths up to 250'

    Standard Features Include:

    • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC
    • Hypertherm Torch Height Control
    • Bosch-Rexroth Drive System
    • Automatic Lubrication System
    • Automatic Rail Cleaners
    • And More...

    Available Options Include:

    • Manual Torch Spacing
    • Automatic Torch Spacing
    • Manual Oxy-Fuel Beveling
    • And More...

  • Kodiak Plasma Cutting Machine


    The Kodiak is a plasma and CNC oxy fuel cutting machine that will support up to 2 plasma torches and up to 6 oxy-fuel stations. Served industries include: steel service centers, automotive, construction, steel fabrication, heavy equipment manufacturing, mining and more.

    Standard effective cutting widths: 6', 8', 10', 12' (Custom widths up to 30' effective cutting).

    Effective cutting lengths up to 250'.

    Standard Features Include:

    • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC
    • Automatic rail cleaners
    • Bosch-Rexroth drive system
    • Automatic lubrication system
    • Hypertherm torch height control

    Available Options Include:

    • Automatic full contour plasma beveling
    • Automatic torch spacing
    • Manual oxy-fuel beveling
    • Manual torch spacing

    Kodiak Machine Options:

    • Dozens of software options to suit your operation
    • Water or downdraft tables
    • Straight bevel station that is up to 45 degrees in the "X" axis
    • Automatic oxy/fuel torch ignition
    • Plasma and pneumatic marking
    • Drilling stations
    • Dust collection systems
    • Full contour bevel station

  • Used Plasma Cutters

    Cutting Systems is THE leader in re-manufacturing plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines.

    Your cutting machine will be completely stripped down, power washed, sanded, and painted. Our engineering team will custom fabricate any required components such as motor mounts, torch mounts, CNC mounts, etc.

    Brand New Component Options Include:

    Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC, Hypertherm Torch Height Control,CSI Operator Console, Bosch-Rexroth Drives, Servo Motors, Gearboxes, Automatic Rail Cleaners, Bearings, Hoses/Cables, Manual Torch Spacing, Automatic Torch Spacing, Manual Oxy-Fuel Beveling, Automatic Full Contour Plasma Beveling, and More...

    Cutting Systems re-manufactures all brands of cutting machines Including: MG Messer, ESAB, Koike, Alltra, C&G Systems, AKS, Hornet, Victory, and many more.

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