Custom CNC Plasma Cutters

CSI builds custom CNC plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines for all industries including steel service centers, shipyards, gas & oil, heavy equipment, agriculture, fabrication, education, and many more.

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Industry-Leading CNC Cutting Machines

Cutting Systems is proud to be a leading manufacturer of top-rated, fully-customizable industrial CNC machines. Whether you're looking for air, plasma or oxy-fuel CNC machines, our steel cutting machinery is made to deliver maximum productivity for increased workflow in less time than other systems. Our steel cutting machines come standard with a variety of customized controls perfectly suited to match your industry needs. Additionally, our CNC machines include Hypertherm PC-based CNC controls, heavy-duty welded steel machine frames and high-precision machined steel gantry beams, Bosch Rexroth precision ground linear ways, Bosch Rexroth drive system with EtherCat technology, AC servo motors and low-backlash planetary gearboxes. Cutting Systems can build a CNC cutting machine that matches your industry standards no matter your needed application.

Automatic lubrication systems and automatic rail scrubbers are standard features of all our CNC machine bridge and rail systems – extending your machine's life and reducing maintenance costs to increase your bottom line.

Find A CNC Cutting Machine For All Your Needs

Every CNC steel cutting machine from Cutting Systems is designed for performance and accuracy. Whether you're processing aluminum, stainless steel or mild carbon steel, all of our CNC cutting machine offerings deliver smooth and efficient cutting, enabling the rapid fabrication of parts for your shop.

Ruggedly built to last a lifetime, all of our steel cutting machinery utilizes CNC (computer numerical control). Cutting metal using CNC ensures the highest levels of precision in your operations. The durability and stability of each industrial CNC machine ensure you can have expanded levels of:

  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Precision

Which CNC Steel-Cutting Machine Is Right for My Application?

In assessing which CNC steel-cutting machine is best for your operation, you should consider several variables, including the thickness and dimensions of the plate to be cut.

For light to medium industrial applications, there's the Shark Air CNC cutting machine or the Shark HD CNC plasma cutter. Each can handle up to 3-inch-thick plates and offers customizable length and width options.

Consider our Cobra CNC steel cutter for clean cuts and outstanding precision if you need a bevel cutter. Our CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine options include the Sabercut and Kodiak. Like all CNC cutting machine lines offered by Cutting Systems, the Raptor is ideal for heavy-duty applications — and it offers customizable widths up to 30' and lengths up to 250 feet.

How Do Plasma CNC Cutting Machines Work?

Before discussing the operation of a plasma-based CNC machine, it's necessary to understand plasma – the fourth state of matter.

You're familiar with the three primary states of matter — solid, liquid and gas. To change from one state of matter to another requires the addition of energy. For instance, if you add energy to ice, a solid, it turns into water, a liquid. If you add energy to water, it turns into steam, a gas.

If a gas like steam is exposed to high amounts of energy, it becomes ionized and electrically conductive, turning it into plasma. Common examples of plasma include lightning and the material inside fluorescent and neon tubes.

A plasma steel cutting machine takes compressed air, nitrogen or another gas and exposes it to high amounts of electricity — the higher the current, the hotter the plasma. The plasma jet, which is ionized by a high-frequency spark, is constricted and maintained by a specially designed nozzle and electrode.

This creates a current path between the electrode and nozzle, which forms a pilot arc of plasma. As the pilot arc touches the workpiece, the plasma arc is transferred to the metal, effectively cutting it into the prescribed pattern.

Plasma-based CNC machines are among some of our top-sellers – and for a good reason. If the precision cutting of stainless steel and aluminum is critical to your operation, a plasma CNC cutting machine is your best option.

Trust Your CNC Cutting Machine Needs to Cutting Systems

Every industrial CNC machine from Cutting Systems delivers the cut quality, productivity and precision that your application demands. We consider all of our customers to be valued partners and provide unparalleled service to ensure your needs are met. If you have any questions about our steel cutting machinery, feel free to contact us – we're always happy to help. If you know what you need for your industry, try requesting a quote to begin building the CNC machine that will get the job done right every time.