Plasma Cutter & Oxy-Fuel Consumables

Cutting Systems carries a wide selection of plasma consumables and Oxy-Fuel consumables

Plasma consumable brands include:


Thermal Dynamics 


Oxy-Fuel consumable brands include:






Get the Best Brands in Plasma Cutter Consumables

Precision cutting demands precision supplies. Cutting Systems has plasma consumables from the industry's leading brands. For your custom CNC cutting machines, we use the latest technologies from the best tool manufacturers so you can get peak performance. We use plasma consumables from Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Kaliburn, Kjellberg and Lincoln Electric.

What Are Plasma Cutter Consumables?

The components that will wear and eventually need replacement in your system are called plasma cutter consumables. If it has a life cycle, it is considered a consumable. Your plasma consumables are components within the cutting torch. Maintaining the efficiency of your system and keeping it functional during operations will involve managing your plasma cutting consumables and understanding their life cycles. Having a ready supply of plasma consumables will ensure minimal downtime of your cutting tables. Some of the more common consumables include:

  • Swirl Ring
  • Electrode
  • Nozzle
  • Retaining Cap
  • Shield Cap

Prolonging Your Plasma Cutting Consumables

When it comes to plasma consumables, routine maintenance is the best way to prevent early termination of their life cycle. Here are three important ways to prolong the life of your plasma cutting consumables:

  • 1. Control Parameters

    Excess wear of your plasma consumables can occur if your system is cutting too slowly, too quickly or at an improper distance between the torch and the material. Having the proper setup will keep your parts in good health.

  • 2. Proper Installation

    Installation of your plasma cutter consumables is paramount. Rapid burnout will occur if your parts have insufficient tolerances or if the assembly is installed improperly. Be sure to follow all instructions and use cases for your plasma consumables.

  • 3. Interval Inspections

    In an ideal world, all of your plasma cutter consumables would wear at the same rate. Unfortunately, this is rarely true. Nozzles and electrodes tend to wear out faster than your other plasma consumables. Checking your assembly regularly and replacing parts that are worn out will prevent them from wearing out the rest of your plasma consumables prematurely.

Plasma Cutting Consumables From Cutting Systems

Our decades of experience manufacturing high-quality heavy industrial cutting machines have given us a keen eye for the best plasma consumables. We partner with the best producers of plasma cutting consumables because we want to produce the best cutting machines for our clients. We manufacture CNC cutting machines for steel fabrication and processing, equipment manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, mining, agriculture and general manufacturing. Keep your production line moving with Cutting Systems.