CNC Oxy Fuel Cutter Consumables

Oxy-fuel consumables are found in the Oxy-Fuel cutting and welding processes. They are the materials that make the thermal cutting technique possible, as Oxy-Fuel cutting utilizes a combination of consumables to consistently cut through materials. These consumables include:

  • Oxygen
  • Fuel gas
  • Cutting tips
  • Welding nozzles
  • Gas regulators
  • Gas hoses
  • Flashback arrestors
  • Gas cylinders

The Oxy-Fuel Process

The Oxy-Fuel process involves using the above-listed consumables to influence intense heat with an Oxy-Fuel cutting torch. Heat and oxygen are manipulated to make accurate and precise cuts. Oxy-Fuel cutting is cost-effective, especially when involved with carbon steel, and can be used alongside our offered plasma cutting methods. 

The first step of the Oxy-Fuel process involves using an Oxy-Fuel torch to react with the oxygen. The flammable gas mixture is focussed on the chosen material through a nozzle and can be adjusted during the process to achieve high temperatures and an effective cutting method. Through the use of this torch and nozzle, better control and concentration are achieved.

Next, an oxygen jet is used to pierce through the material. The oxidized steel becomes molten and is blown away by the jet. This allows for the jet to penetrate the material, but it also means that the length of the process is affected by the material's thickness. The cutting oxygen will work to penetrate the plate as the molten material is expelled.

The torch will maintain continuous heat on the material, ensuring that the piece remains heated while the process moves forward. Material thickness, speed, cut oxygen pressure, preheat flame adjustment, cutting height, and plate temperature will influence the final quality of the cut edge and the overall success of the Oxy-Fuel cutting operation. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the basic process of Oxy-Fuel cutting.

Our Oxy-Fuel Brands

Cutting Systems carries a wide selection of Oxy-Fuel consumables to help make your Oxy-Fuel based projects a success. The Oxy-Fuel consumable brands we work with include:


Contact us today to work with any of these consumable Oxy-Fuel brands, or if you have any questions about if Oxy-Fuel is right for your project.