MaxPro 200 Conventional Plasma

MaxPro 200 Conventional Plasma

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Maximized productivity
MAXPRO200 combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity.
• The fastest cut speeds in its class produce more finished parts per hour.
• Engineered with 100% duty cycle for the most demanding production environments.
• Quickly transition between cutting, gouging, mechanized and handheld processes with automatic settings, tool free leads and quick disconnect torches.

 Easy operation
The easiest plasma system in its class for air and oxygen plasma cutting – easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maximize performance.
• Intuitive one step interface and automatic gas control deliver consistent results without operator intervention.

• Advanced diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and service.
• Optional serial communications allow full control of the
system from the CNC.

Low operating cost
Exceptional consumable life and consistent performance deliver more cost-effective results.
• Do more with less power: patented consumable designs enable best in class cut speeds and robust production piercing using lower amperage levels.
• Superior cut quality and consistency minimize high cost secondary operations.
• Advanced consumable technologies including LongLife®, CoolFlow™ and TrueFlow™ significantly increase consumable life to reduce cost per part.

Reliable performance
Engineered and tested using the same proven design process as the HyPerformance® HPRXD® product family for superior reliability in the most demanding cutting environments.
• During development, Hypertherm systems endure rigorous reliability testing procedures equivalent to years of use in extreme operating environments.
• The MAXPRO200 is built with less than half the number of internal parts compared to other systems on the market. Fewer parts provide greater reliability and serviceability.
• Self-diagnostics are performed automatically at startup and continually throughout the cutting process.

Handheld torch and gouging
• 200 A handheld torch capable of cutting up to 75 mm (3”) for demolition, scrapping and other heavy-duty cutting demands.
• Drag-cutting consumables make it easy to follow a line or template.
• Metal removal rate on mild steel up to 18.7 kg/hr (41.2 lbs/hr).
• Plasma gouging can replace grinding or carbon arc gouging for many metal-removal applications. Plasma gouging produces less noise and fumes than carbon arc gouging and avoids risks of metallurgic problems from carbon contamination.


LongLife® air and oxygen plasma cutting system

The MAXPRO200 plasma cutting system achieves impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality and exceptional
consumable life with air or oxygen plasma gas. Optimized cutting parameters are automatically set and controlled
in one step for easy operation. Engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity mechanized and handheld cutting and
gouging, the MAXPRO200 delivers reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.


  • MAXPRO200 65° handheld torch
  • MAXPRO200 90° handheld torch
  • MAXPRO200 straight machine torch
  • MAXPRO200 quick-disconnect machine torch


Additional Options

  • Work Cable Ground Clamp
  • Consumable Parts Kit
  • MAXPRO200 Wheel Kit
  • Connection Kit, MAXPRO to Sensor PHC (includes Interface Cable, PS to CNC/THC)
  • Connection kit, MAXPRO200 to Sensor THC
  • Remote start/stop switch, 7.5 m (25')
  • Remote start/stop switch, 15 m (50')
Input voltages 200/208 VAC, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 108/104 A
220 VAC, 3-PH, 50–60 Hz, 98 A
240 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 90 A
380 VAC, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 57 A
400 VAC, CE, 3-PH, 50–60 Hz, 54 A
415 VAC, CE, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 52 A
440 VAC, 3-PH, 50–60 Hz, 49 A
480 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 45 A
600 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 36 A
Output voltage 50–165 VDC
Maximum output current 200 A
Duty cycle rating 100% @ 33 kW, at 40° C (104° F)
Operating temperature -10° C to 40° C (+14° F to +104° F)
Power factor 0.98 @ 33 kW output
Maximum OCV 360 VDC
Dimensions 102 cm (40.14") H, 69 cm (27.12") W,
105 cm (41.23") L
Weight 335 kg (740 lbs)
Gas supply
Plasma gas Air, O2, N2
Shield gas Air, N2
Supply gas pressure 6.2 +/- 0.7 bar (90 +/- 10 psig)